Nandipur project: Halting GHPL inquiry best in public interest, says MD

ISLAMABAD: In a new major development, the Nandipur Power Project Managing Director (MD) appears to point fingers at Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), which may jump to malign the project for their political interests and ulterior motives.

He raised doubts following the constitution of a committee formed by Genco Holding Company Limited (GHPL) that consisted of three members from Sindh and has placed an immediate demand to halt inquiry against investigating the dealings of Nandipur power project.

“With Nandipur situation in the heart of Punjab’s economic and industrial hub, the primary beneficiary of the project is going to the province of Punjab. However, the prominent three members of the committee are from the province of Sindh; this raises fear that the proceedings of the committee may get steered by political pressures and differences,” reveals a letter written to GHPL CEO, a copy of which was made available to The Express Tribune.

The MD further said that segments with malicious intensions may also jump at this opportunity to malign the project for their political interest and ulterior motives.

He also requested chief Genco that the proceedings of this committee may be put on hold in consultation with Nepra till the independent probe under Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid concludes its proceeding.

Considering the media trial that Nandipur power project is going through it would be advisable to present to the public the findings of a committee that can be considered as independent, impartial and credible by the masses.

“It would be in the best interest of the public to halt this inquiry till culmination of the one ordered by the Prime Minister,” he added.

Apart from the convener of the committee, he said that all the participants were significantly junior in scale to the management of Nandipur Thermal Power project, the board of directors of Genco-111, Genco-V and the Ministry of Water and Power.

Despite the letter under reference by Nepra, because of which this inquiry has been constituted, the legal status of this inquiry is nothing more than a departmental inquiry since neither is it being conducted by Nepra nor is it even under Nepra’s umbrella,” he said adding that a judicial commission is the perfect platform for such an inquiry.

He further said that it had been pointed out by the consultant of the project NESPAK that none of the members of the committee had any relevant experience of the fuel oil treatment plant in place at Nandipur. This inadequate relevant experience severely confines the capacity and the ability of the committee to reach a prudent decision.

As far as inquiries of such legal status are concerned, two departmental inquiries and investigations have already been conducted upon the instruction of Ministry of Water and Power. “The findings of these inquiries and investigations had neither been made public nor been shared with the management of Nandipur power project leading to an array of speculations,” he said.

“Lastly the proceedings or the findings of this inquiry if made a part of the record can potentially influence the inquiry that is to be conducted under the supervision of Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid,” a letter added.

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