Lessons On Constitution In Curricula Urged


Higher Education Commission (HEC) urged the government to include lessons on the country’s constitution in the curricula at public education institutes.

CCEP executive director Zafarullah Khan said democracy could flourish in the country only if all citizens could participate in debates on all issues of national importance.

He suggested that extra-curricular activities be promoted in schools and colleges to introduce students to the virtues of democratic governance.

He said revisions should be made in the curriculum of Pakistan Studies to include lessons on fundamental rights and civil liberties guaranteed in the constitution and on voter education.

Provincial HEC chairman Dr Nizamuddin said the commission was working on a programme to promote civic education in all higher education institutions.

He urged the university managements to hold debates and other c0-curricular activities among students on issues related to fundamental rights and civil liberties.

He said courses on civic education had also been made mandatory for the faculty training programmes of the Higher Education Commission.

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