Easy Ways to Save Your iPhone Battery


If there’s one thing more annoying than your iPhone eating up all your data, it’s when you suddenly have 20% battery at work without a charger — so here are some battery saving tips to save the day.

1- Turn Off Siri: Imagine it’s like a person. If Siri is constantly waiting for you to turn up and say hi, it would probably be quite draining — so if you’re not gonna use it, switch it off.

2- Turn Off Vibrate: If you check your phone all the time or use the loud option, the chances are the vibrate is pretty useless to you anyway.

3- Speed up Auto Lock: It’s easy to get into the habit of not touching the sleep button when you stop using your phone, so at least speed up the Auto-Lock process to avoid unnecessary battery being wasted turning off.

4- Turn location services off: Surprisingly it’s not just Google Maps that eats up your battery using your location, as many other apps do too.

5- Turn down brightness: An obvious but a goodie, use the tool bar to turn your brightness right down when you’re using your phone in the dark or have minimal battery.

6-Turn off Background App Refresh: As well as eating up loads of data, letting your apps constantly update even when you’re not using them makes your phone work extra hard — and manually refreshing is no problem anyway.

7- Use WiFi where possible: You probably already do this for data reasons anyway, but connecting to 4G uses a lot more battery than WiFi does as it’s constantly trying to maintain a strong signal — especially if you’re streaming something.

8- Restrict notifications: If you check Instagram 238,920 times a day anyway or don’t need to know who likes your photo at the exact moment they do it, tailor your notifications to fit what you do want them for.

9- Turn off whizzy effects: When you first get an iPhone it might be cool to watch your screen move around when you tilt it, but it’s draining you of precious percentages.

10- Avoid 3D Games: Your iPhone is designed to use enough processing power to complete the task in hand, and 3D games can work their way through a full charge of battery in a matter of hours. Now wouldn’t you rather be using that time to stare at Channing Tatum?

11-Don’t allow apps to update automatically: Even if you’re connected to WiFi, letting your phone update ALL your apps every time something changes drains through your battery like there’s no tomorrow you don’t have four hours left at work.

12- Don’t forget to switch your WiFi off: Every second you leave your WiFi tab switched on when you’re not using it, your phone is constantly searching for a connection.

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