Pledge To Work For Girls’ Education


WASHINGTON: The First Lady of Pakistan Begum Kalsum Nawaz Sharif attended a special ceremony and cultural show that was hosted by her counterpart from the host country Michelle Obama in the White House on Thursday.

It was also attended by prime minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz who was invited by Michelle Obama for joining her in her global initiative for girls’ education. President Barack Obama also joined the ladies briefly.

Michelle Obama and Maryam Nawaz also addressed the gathering and expressed their resolve to work for girls’ education worldwide.

Michelle Obama said that everyone should join hands and play their part in the development of women across the world. She said that the US would provide funds provided to Pakistan for girls’ education under the Global Girls’ Education Fund.

Addressing Maryam Nawaz, the US First Lady said that she desire that both of them form a strong partnership.

“The US will be investing $70 million to educate adolescent girls in Pakistan. With this funding, we’re going to be building more than a dozen news schools while rehabilitating hundreds of others. We’re going to be setting up health screenings for thousands of girls to ensure they’re getting the medical care they need. We’ll be funding skills-training programs and college scholarships for girls. And, taken together, these efforts will reach 200,000 girls in Pakistan,” she said.

Maryam Nawaz said that measures are being taken for legislation to the education and empowerment of women in Pakistan.

Women are the future of the country, she said, adding that we need to pay special attention for girls’ education.

“Women world over, I think, are facing very uphill battles. And, I am no feminist, but I do not subscribe to the age-old stereotypical concepts of gender. Because I believe in women, I believe in the power of women. I believe in their brilliance. And I believe in their resilience,” said the Pakistani prime minister’s daughter.

And I think they’re very resilient creatures because they fight on multiple fronts simultaneously. They’re not only fighting domestic battles, battles at the workplace, but they’re also fighting mindsets,” she said.

The US first lady appreciated Maryam Nawaz for her dedication and work for girls’ education in Pakistan.

The functions were also attended by Maryam Nawaz’s daughters Meharunnisa and Mahnoor Safdar.


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