Sindh Govt Hampering Karachi Operation

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Saturday the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) led Sindh government was not extending Rangers’ powers in an attempt to “hamper the Karachi operation to save just one man.”

“I don’t know how deep your ties are with him,” Nisar said, while addressing a press conference. “How far can a party or a government go for one person?” the interior minister added without naming anyone.

The interior minister clarified that the government will not allow any attempts to undermine the ongoing operation in Karachi or the sacrifices of Rangers.

Delaying tactics in extending Rangers powers is tantamount to de-tracking the operation and encouraging criminal elements, Nisar added.

“If such an attitude is continued, we will not be limited to mere statements and will come up with concrete evidences,” Nisar warned.

He questioned as to why the Sindh government was leveling allegations to save ‘one man’ [from being getting caught]. He also said that the federal government had consistently pointed out that objections relating to the operation, if any, should not be raised publicly but at a proper forum.

Earlier, staging a press conference, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Maula Bux Chandio suggested the federal government to ‘observe caution’ in dealing with the matter, adding he expected an extension in Rangers policing powers by December 14.

Meanwhile, in a statement, federal information minister Pervez Rashid vowed that they will not let anything become a hurdle in the way of the operation.

Similarly, Director General Sindh Rangers, Major General Bilal Akbar said that operation in Karachi will be continued at all costs.

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