Ukraine To Become Gas Exporter in 10 Years

KIEV– According to Sputnik News, Ukraine will turn from a gas importer to a gas exporter in 10 years, Ukrainian Prime Minster Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Friday.

“Our goal is that over the next 10 years to be released from imported natural gas, increase our own extraction, and become a completely energy independent country. In 10 years, Ukraine will be able to export natural gas,” Yatsenyuk said during his government’s annual report.

According to him, the country’s average daily gas consumption decreased by 25 percent in 2015.

Ukraine consumes, on average, 50 million cubic meters less natural gas each day than in the previous year, Yatsenyuk added.

“This means that every day we pay 11.3 million dollars less for natural gas. This means that, owing to [our] energy policy, we have reduced Ukrainian household expenses, decreasing the amount of payments, including almost $2 billion to the Russian [energy company] Gazprom for the heating season,” he stressed.

In late November, Yatsenyuk announced that the government of Ukraine had instructed the country’s Naftogaz to halt all future purchases of Russian gas, saying the pricing being offered by the country’s European partners was much lower than that offered by Moscow.


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